Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The New England look of Fairfield Porter

There's something about spending the weekend in Connecticut that makes us think of Fairfield Porter. The obvious name associations aside, his palatte and subjects have an elegant, yankee charm that we see everyday in our journeys for antiques and historic homes. Here's a sampling of why we love both:

Fairfield Porter, Under the Elms, 1971/2

A lovely 19th century colonial in Riverton, Ct.

Granite in a stone wall

Fairfield Porter, Still life with Yellow Tablecloth, 1948

Enclosed porch, perfect for nesting

Porter's portait of Andy Warhol and Ted Carey

Farmington River

Moss on a damp tree by the river

Jimmy and Liz, 1963

A gorgeous 1822 colonial in Riverton, Ct.

A Day Indoors, 1963

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