Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mirror Images, The Style of Portraiture

Our love for figurative art is no secret--we've posted about the paintings of Ammi Philips and Andrew Wyeth, Sheldon Peck and Alice Neel. A special love is observing portraiture that relays not only the literal image of the sitter, but the style and stylization favored at the time. Harvey Silverman's work from the '60's & '70's, and Peter Stichbury's au currant portraiture are perfect examples. Both artist's possess amazing rendering skill and craftsmanship, but it is their ability to capture the moment in time, and the way we see each other in that moment that amazes us! See for yourself:

Harvey Silverman

Swoon, Peter Stichbury


Self Portrait as Tom Wade, Peter Stichbury at Starkwhite Gallery


Untitled, Peter Stichbury from Webb's Auction House (NZ)

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