Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Behind the Scenes

Part of our love for antique homes is the silent history each of them contain about those who lived there in the past. And while a house can't actually speak, the layers of paint and plaster and wallpaper and stencils tell a thousand words...

Original wood laths from a Leverett, MA Center Hall Colonial, installed as art on top of vintage wallpaper

Layers of '30's wallpaper over plaster in a Riverton, CT brick Federal

Center chimney in the stairwell of a Southbury, CT Saltbox built in 1700

Original stenciling in the same Southbury, CT Saltbox

Layers of wallpaper from the '30's to the '70's in a New Milford, CT Colonial

Vintage wallpaper in the attic of a Hampton, CT colonial


More vintage wallpaper from the Riverton, CT brick Federal


'40's wallpaper in the dining room of the New Milford, CT Colonial

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