Thursday, October 13, 2011

She's Back

We're thrilled to see Susan Rothenberg at Sperone Westwater this month (through October 29.) If you have not had the pleasure of seeing her work in person- do. Rothenberg's flurry of brushstrokes, layered in what seems like the thousands, creates a perpetual motion of disjointed figurations that are simply magical. Encountering a work of Ms. Rothenberg's in a Virginia museum in the 90's was, for one of us, life changing. The work of Tom Moglu is a recent discovery and a wonderful antidote to Rothenberg. His collaged papers create planes of color that obey the confines imposed by hard geometric shapes.

1- Susan Rothenberg, White Raven
2- Tom Moglu, Granite #3
3- Susan Rothenberg, White on White Head
4- Tom Moglu, untitled
5- Susan Rothenberg, Blue Flash
6- Tom Moglu, Herzog
7- Susan Rothenberg, Strangers in the Night
8- Tom Moglu, Hetre
9- Susan Rothenberg, Circus
10- Tom Moglu, Thirty Three

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