Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Art of Mourning

Collection of Victorian mourning dolls with china heads, sold at auction for $2,600

Victorian mourning cameo, black glass and gold filled floral frame

Victorian mourning band with the inscription, "John Clayton esq died 17 mar 1803 aged 74"

Black lace and silk lined mourning parasol

Miniature oval silk on silk mourning needlework, sold at auction for $1,000

Abraham Lincoln mourning ribbon conveyed the wearer's pain to his neighbors following his death

Victorian mourning ring with briad hair center, inscribed "M Y" via Art of Mourning

Back-side of a 19th century mourning pendant showing locks of hair via Art of Mourning

16th century Memento Mori rosary, Germany via Art of Mourning

Mid 19th century woven hair mourning brooch inscribed, "My Sister and My Darling April"

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