Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The New Victorian

We probably wouldn't have started thinking about Victorian style and design if we didn't attend auctions. Prices for the style are sadly low, so it almost always makes us turn to each other and say "what a shame, that's actually a very pretty piece." The problem is, it's very hard to view Victorian style as relevant today...most is fussy and hyper-designed, but there is hope. Adjacencies are important (probably not a great idea to have a roomful) and palettes should be approached carefully, but here are a few chic examples of The New Victorian:

The gorgeous Claire Bigby house in San Francisco via Desire to Inspire

Kilims on Victorian stairs via The Marion House Book

Pretty Victorian portrait

Eastlake Setee project at Gypsymade

Ebonized Eastlake table at Kamelot Auctions

Eastlake wall shelf sold at Skinner

Victorian portrait

Pier mirror cabinet at Factory 20

Lovely table via Liveauctioneers

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  1. I live down the street from the Claire Bigby house had I find the 1990s garage doors as revolting as when people tried turning the Victorians into stucco spanish with tile roofs or 50s/60s mid century stripping away all details and putting in aluminum windows. SF is littered with peoples idea to modernize. Victorians are victorians. If you don't like them then don't buy one. They are what makes SF unique. I wish people would stop trying to destroy it.