Thursday, May 19, 2011

Whale of a Blog

From a lot of whaling photos at Decoys Unlimited, Inc.

Iron Harpoon at Kaminski via Liveauctioneers

As we blog frequently about New England, I'm surprised we haven't blogged about whaling culture and the arts & crafts that stemmed from that unfortunate industry. We have to admit, there are times we're shopping that we are stopped by the graphic and very foreign whaling imagery in engravings, folk art, etc. They are magnificent creatures, so we're happy that New England whaling imagery is but a beautiful reminder of its history and not its present.

Sperm Whale charger from Quaker Arts

1810 Whaler's rendering via

Vintage Australian whaling photo via Wild About Whales

Early whaling photo

Weathervane sold at Copake's Auctions

Pages from a whaling log via The Bookman's Log


Alaskan whale photo from Liveauctioneers

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