Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Precisionist NY

Yesterday's rainy weather in NYC was perfect for noticing the geometries and symmetry of the buildings around us. Inspired, we turned to Precisionists Ralston Crawford and Charles Demuth to join our celebration of man-made wonders.

Chiaroscuro of iron and mortar

Charles Demuth, End of the Parade: Coatesville, PA at The National Gallery

Fire escapes: the epitome of utilitarian beauty

Charles Demuth, Modern Conveniences via Museum Syndicate

In the West Village

Charles Demuth, Business via The Art Institute of Chicago

West Village windows with sun ray facade

Ralston Crawford, Grain Elevators from the Bridge via The AMICA Library

Yellow brick and aqua windows- abandoned warehouse

Ralston Crawford, Flour Mill #2 at Christie's

1 comment:

  1. Great to see the Demuth paintings, especially "Business." Read a biography of him long ago in which the author asserted his name was correctly pronounced "DEE-muth." That's not the way one usually hears it said. Maybe you'll do a circus theme some time and put up some of his lovely watercolors of same.

    Please keep proceeding.