Friday, May 20, 2011

Egypt at the Met

Wall Decoration from the Funerary Apartments of King Djoser

A trip to the Met to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit, Savage Beauty (unfortunately no pictures allowed) produced not photos of haute couture, but of our meanderings through different period and cultural exhibits. The Met, and this is an understatement, is astounding. The McQueen exhibit is one of the most inspiring we've seen in years and today we also found great inspiration in the Egyptian Exhibit. We're showing the masterful sculpts and fragments of color on soothing earth tones today, but stay tuned for more.

Relief from the area of the Place of Apries in Memphis

Hapshepsut Seated

Shrine Inlay

Shards of pottery from the research room

Shrine Inlays

Small busts


Inlaid plaques depicting foreigners from a palace of Ramessess II

Sweet expression on small stone bust

Funerary cloth wrapped in layers on mummified remains

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