Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Union Square Farmer's Market, Novatny and Licht...The Colors of Our Summer

One of us was lucky enough to walk to work through the Farmer's Market in Union Square yesterday morning. There's nothing that brings a smile to one's face like the colors and textures of farm-fresh fruit in perfect blue-green cartons. The ripe color saturation, the pattern of the displays...form, composition and palette at its best.

Peaches in the most Dazzling Blush

Pink Box #2, Sydney Licht, Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Man Pulling Up the Leg of A Woman, Brian Novatny at Davidson Gallery

Husk Berries, Gorgeous Palette

Still Life with Orange Box #2, Sydney Licht
(linked to a studio visit, take a look!)

Three Figures Falling, Brian Novatny at George Billis Gallery

Yellow Plumbs the Color of Sunshine

Woman in Green Shoes, Man in Brown Jacket, Brian Novatny

Still Life with Red Box Open, Sydney Licht

Yellow Plumbs

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