Thursday, August 19, 2010

At Peace in Canterbury, NH

On Saturday evening, we were traveling to eastern New Hampshire to look at homes the next day. Approaching Concord, we discovered signs for a Shaker Village and followed. What we found was the Canterbury Shaker Village. We arrived just before sunset, after the tours had ceased and the village was closed. Just the two of us, walking through the pristine architecture and unbelieveable setting, was the most calming experience. Though the architecture is geometric and precise, the layout of the village seemed somewhat organic and very welcoming. We'll go back for a tour so that we can experience the ultimate in economic design and minimal beauty, but for now, here's what we saw from the outside...

Blue shadows across a pristine, white barn

The beauty of rust on an iron, wood and granite fence

A classic Shaker fence design in front of the Meetinghouse

Thistle, past bloom in the garden

Layering color and shape....composition on a grand scale

A nod to Autumn

White on White

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