Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Down the Rabbit Hole

We're finally back from our long weekend and have tons to share. The first is...Grange Hall in Acworth, New Hampshire. Across the street from a 19th century colonial we have our eyes on in town, the Grange is an amazing 18th century building literally waiting for restoration. We amazed by the scale, palette craftsmanship and treasures within...

Basement window in the granite foundation

The main hall

The outline of built-in benches that once filled the room

A pile of brick that is over a century old

Curve of the lath and plaster ceiling

The first floor entrance filled with old floorboards

Piles of antique plates and saucers

Beautiful aging of the original plaster

The second floor balcony filled with various treasures of times past

Antique oil lamps

Collection of carriage wheels

The third floor meeting room

Ladder to the attic

Built-in cupboard and bench in the meeting room

Asymmetrical windows and doors

And finally...Grange Hall

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