Monday, May 10, 2010

When Taos Meets Tucson

We've been in love with the paintings of The Taos School (or Taos Colony) for quite some time. The palatte and the forms seem so chic that we had thought that they were fabricated to satisfy the fashion or tastes of the time. As it turns out, the landscape and architecture of both Taos and Tucson verify that members of the Taos School were both perceptive and accurate. We've paired photos we'd taken for "artistic reasons" around Tucson with paintings from the Taos Colony. It's nice to know that, as homogenous as small cities are becoming in the US, there are still a few that retain their character.

Downtown Tucson


Victor Higgins, New Mexico Skies, 1943

Maynard Dixon, Earth Knower, 1931- 1935



Victor Higgins, Canyon Drive, Santa Fe




Victor Higgins, Rabbit Trackers from the Rockford Art Museum

Victor Higgins, Fiesta Day, 1918


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