Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Like {19th c. colonial, New Milford}

Before we talk about our travels this past weekend, we wanted to share a 19th century colonial in New Milford, CT that we saw the weekend before. While it had many original details, we were enamored with the stone foundation and beam construction of the summer kitchen...that, and the perfection of the classic red barn at the back of this three acre property. The house was missing the interior chimney though and the kitchen in the ell needed a lot of updating. This wasn't enough to deter us alone, but we didn't love the location in town where the house was, which felt more suburban than country.

19th century colonial
New Milford, CT

Original panel detailing in dining room

View of the barn from the dining room

Center stairs with a view to the living room and side door

Vintage wallpaper in the dining room

Summer kitchen off the ell

A view of the summer kitchen from the garage

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