Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Counting Crows, Bird Specimens as Art

We've had Andrew Wyeth's Crows on the desktop for quite sometime, waiting to use the beautiful study. When a friend at work showed us San Francisco artist Heidi McDowell's studies of bird specimens, we knew we had something! With such active lines, there is a quiet irony in the drawings.

Andrew Wyeth, Crows (Study for Woodshed), 1944

Heidi McDowell, Egyptian Goose

Great Kiskadees of Southern Texas from the MWFB Collection, Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology

Heidi McDowell, Chickadees

Lark Bunting at Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Heidi McDowell, Hummingbirds

An alternative bird specimen at the Smithsonian

Heidi McDowell, Common Cuckoo

Heidi McDowell, Squirrel Cuckoo

Common Bird Specimens on Flickr via Fiberartsfanatic

Heidi McDowell, Poorwill

Heidi McDowell, Heron

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