Friday, November 19, 2010

A Wyeth Kind of Love

Now that we have a home, we're thinking about how we'll fit into the legacy of its owners throughout the centuries, and how it will reflect who we are in the 21st century--a balance of New England tonality and elegance with Modernist organic sensitvity. So far, we're aiming for an Andrew Wyeth meets Shaker meets Wegner look. Here's some of our references:

Andrew Wyeth, Marriage

Taxidermy in the Silsby Library, New Hampshire

Seymour Antiques in Seymour, Ct.

We love the vintage blankets as boxspring covers.

Timorous Beasties Thistle Wallpaper

A very early Jamie Wyeth via Draw!

Andrew Wyeth, Winter Corn

Seymour Antique's mastery of tonality and pattern

Andrew Wyeth, Sea Dog

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