Friday, November 5, 2010

Reality and Brandywine

Brandywine River Museum; Boy With Hawks, Charles Parks

A special treat for us last weekend was visiting the Brandywine River Museum. The collection spanned three generations of Wyeths, and the setting (in the Brandywine Valley of PA) inspired some of the most recognizable pieces of American art. As we strolled through the floors, we were calmed by the soft palettes and were pleasantly surprised when we found the Reality Check exhibition, showcasing contemporary American Trompe L'oiel. These works seemed in contrast to the Wyeths, yet somehow complimented them perfectly.

Sarah Lamb, Untitled

Andrew Wyeth, The Witching Hour

Sarah Lamb, Hanging Pheasants

Andrew Wyeth, The Big Room

Sarah Lamb, Stock Orange Apples

Andrew Wyeth, Master Bedroom

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  1. Dr. Beverly Baird BootheDecember 18, 2010 at 10:45 PM

    Sara, we just met Missy Greene. I've known her for years. She is thrilled with your work. I now realize why she is. My artist friend---Bill Richards----would love to meet you and your husband. I'd like to see his work, too. Dr. Beverly Baird Boothe