Monday, October 11, 2010

Dial "D" for Deco

One of the nicest things about living in Manhattan is that you can suddenly realize how a place, one that you may walk by everyday of your busy life without notice, is completely and utterly magnificent. We're training ourselves to really look at what is around us--the Bell Telephone Building on 18th Street in Chelsea is a fine example. Walking home from dinner the other night, we were amazed at the palette and detail of the facade. Rythamic, tonal, geometric with an organic inspiration, the building is deco at its best. Using Bell as the jumping off point, here's a few other deco treasures we uncovered:

Stop by 18th Street's Bell on your way to Barney's Co-Op

A Loeser and Company of Brooklyn's display room circa 1928 via Critical Cities

Geza Voros, Lady in Black Lace Dress via Blog of an Art Admirer and History Lover

Starburst detail, Bell Telephone

Leopold Stokowski studio, circa 1929

Voros, Painter and His Model

Above entrance, 18th Street Chelsea


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