Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cute and Scary...Halloween, Keene, Hoffine

Our trip on Saturday to the Keene, NH Pumpkin Festival was a wonderful glimpse of community spirit and fun. The parade of costumed kids and proud parents put a smile on both our faces. Now, with the cute must come's where Joshua Hoffine's photographs come in. We stumbled onto his work via if it's hip, it's here. Cinematic and fun with a ghoulish edge, Hoffine photograph's our worst (and best) childhood nightmares.

The best costume pair in Keene... contemplative chicken attacking farmer

Going to grandma's house is scarier for some than others...Joshua Hoffine photography

Only one of the sprouts on dad's head actually bloomed

What is the best pet for your child?

Followed by owner with very big baggie

Spelling tutorial for the "soft focused"

Vitamin deficiencies can be cheeks, purple hair

Balloons are so scary

The frightening "One handed Popcorn Box", yikes!

"Jenny, for the last time, leave the poor ghoul under the stairs ALONE!"

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