Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flickr Flicker

Sometimes one finds a flicker of wonderful in the least expected places, at the least expected times. Xenia Elizabeth's Flickr pages are a fine example of this. We were surfing for images of Fraser Taylor's work for an upcoming blog and happened upon XE's photos of an exhibit of his. Delving a little further, we found photos with a palatte, sensitivity and innate knowledge of composition that made for arresting, if not melancholy experiences. The following are a few of our favorites.

Fraser Taylor, Reflections and Densities [1]

Fraser Taylor, Reflections and Densities [2]

Finches, Petsmart

Post Office, Star Prairie

Bunny, Horse, Goat

Simon, or Devil Vampire

Moonrise, Star Prairie

Deer, Highway 184


Roadside Memorial

Bird Diorama

Female Cardinal


  1. Thank you! I just found your blog post. I'm flattered!

  2. They are beautiful shots. Very inspiring for us. So, thank you.