Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Huntress

With taxidermy popping up everywhere from restaurants to clothing stores, it appears that this seemingly masculine art form transcends any perceived gender bias...  

Williamsburg loft of Hovey sisters Hollister and Porter via Ravishing Beasts, from the New York Times. [1]


Melissa Dixson, Brooklyn based taxidermist at work.

Women resting at the Deer estate in the Scottish Highlands, cira 1800's via Scotlands History.


  1. It seems there are some very voracious appetites out there for Taxidermy. I think it's taken on cult like proportions.

    I knew the Victorians loved the practice and Audubon indulged in the same, lest his animals get away. However, I for one detest the practice ever since my grandmother wore a fox around her neck!

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