Monday, January 25, 2010

Homage to Agnes Martin, NYC Style

After blogging about Agnes Martin last week, we became a little hyper-sensitive to the stimuli she may have encountered here as a young painter. The city is full of repetative geometries, decorative and industrial--many in a palatte similar to her muted canvases. So, here are a few images found on buildings, sidewalks, in windows and on the street. Some may have a more Sean Scully feel or a Cy Twombly look, but to us, it's an homage to Ms. Martin.


  1. The patterns depicted in Agnes Martin's paintings would make the loveliest rugs.

  2. What an interesting idea! You've actually stirred a little debate between us. I love the idea of a custom rug inspired by one of her pieces, yet my other half wonders if it diminishes the profundity of her art...

  3. I hear what your your other half is saying and understand it but as a designer I look for fresh ideas. I think it's a compliment to Agnes Martin to reinterpret her art in a functional way.