Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dare to Dream

We follow a blog entitled Old House Dreams daily. Old House Dreams is an extraordinary blog that provides a service very close to our hearts- preservation of historic homes in North America. By showing daily listings of homes in different stages of restoration or disrepair, it gives its audience an opportunity to see what craftsmanship and artistry in home building used to vinyl siding, no cheap Home Depot finishes....and what they can preserve. Every kitchen in the US does not need to have granite countertops with stainless appliances!

This is a recent post- a 1920 townhouse in Quebec that seems absolutely, romantically preserved. From the furnishings to the wall coverings, we pray there is someone out there who knows that they could never replicate this aged beauty and seeks to preserve it. By the cinematic photographs of the house, both realtor and photographer have a good idea of what they've got...

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