Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We Have Our Eye on You

One of our favorite auction houses, Pook & Pook is holding a discovery auction tomorrow of various American and Continental decorative arts. It's a competitive bid, but there are some amazing pieces...

1. Silk on linen sampler, dated 1856, in period stenciled frame
2. Sheraton two-drawer chest, ca. 1829, retaining an old red surface
3. American hooked rug, early 20th c.
4. Painted hard pine corner cupboard, Early 19th c.
5. Composition Greiner doll, 19th c.
6. Pennsylvania half spindle-back settee, 19th c.
7. Animated mohair rabbit squeak toy, late 19th c.
8. Pine pie safe, 19th c., with punched tin panels

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