Monday, December 5, 2011

Making History

A stroll through the old cemetery in town last weekend ended up being a study in typography--capitals and italics mixed with initial caps and bold weights with serifs and sans serifs. While the beauty of each stone harkened to a time past, it was also so current. We explore some vintage typography below (tombstones aside) paired with Louise Despont's architectural stencils on the pages of antique ledger books.

1. Ad for Letterpress Text font, 2003
2. Louise Despont The Bodhi Tree, 2011
3. Early French stamp via Graphics Fairy
4. Louise Despont Amphoras, 2010
5. German alphabet from Modern Alphabets, 1906 via Jane Maday's Art Blog
6. Louise Despont As you are, we once were. As you are, so will you be, 2011
7. Antique French invoice via Graphics Fairy
8. Louise Despont King and Queen Day, 2010

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