Thursday, November 17, 2011

Making Faces

There has always been something fun, yet sinister, about the imagery of carnivals, the circus and side shows. That macabre element informs the work of Fred Stonehouse as well. Beautifully rendered, his work captures the "something" that repels us, but draws us in....into the tent to see the two-headed pony or a masterful painting.

1. Fred Stonehouse, Race for the Sun
2. Early Sheet Metal Carnival Toss sold at Copake Auctions
3. Fred Stonehouse, Song of Sinaloa via Flickr
4. Carnival Target at Brunk Auctions via Liveauctioneers
5. Fred Stonehouse, The Immigrant
6. Carnival Toss at Copake Auctions
7. Fred Stonehouse, Vox via The Rock River Times

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