Sunday, December 12, 2010

For Better or Worse: Our Guest House Renovation, Part 2

The view from our guest house window this weekend couldn't have been more serene with a dusting of snow surrounding the historic Grange Hall. But inside was quite different. Saturday we decided to tackle the kitchen floor. Popping off the linoleum tiles provided a false sense of ease before we started in the on plywood sub-flooring underneath. With nails every five inches in each direction, it took the two of us (along with crowbar and mallet in hand) just about all weekend to get the wood up, only to reveal a layer of red board glued down to the original floor boards. We hacked away at that until dusk, and although the road to beautiful floors in this room is long, the centuries old planks under it all provided a glimmer a hope.

A clean slate Friday night

"During" [1]




Floor detail

A glimmer of hope

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