Thursday, April 22, 2010

Color Blocked: Soho

Obscene tongue on Lafayette

Nanette Lepore on Broome

At 8a.m. there isn't much beyond a cup of coffee that seems palatable. Last week however, the MOMA store in Soho had a shot of color in their gave us a smile. So, we decided to take "color block" literally and see what color pops we could find within one square block around Spring and Crosby--here's what we found:

Built at MOMA

Beside the MOMA store on Crosby

Crosby and Spring

Nike high tops on Spring Street


Spring Street

ALECART on Crosby

Outside Cafe Select on Lafayette

Pylone window

Chuck Taylors on Spring

On Lafayette

Nanette Lepore lantern

Spring Street 6 station...pretty malfunction

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